The Tilt Shift Lens


I always enjoy exploring different the different types of photograhy so this week I’m working on my architecture photography skills. After some research I discovered the staple lens for this kind of work is a Canon 24mm tilt-shift. This a very expensive lens but I was able to rent it along with an adapter for my Sony A7.

Michele found me a house to shoot today so after an hour with the lens, I set out to practice photographing interiors. It took a little practice to get the lens set up and into a work flow but once I got in a groove, it moved pretty quick.

This is an incredible lens! It keeps all of the perspective perfect and free of any lens distortions so all that shows though in the final image is the home’s architecture. I used HDR on these images but I didn’t push it to be “creative”. I’m showing only the home in it’s best light and not trying to impress people with my post processing expertise.

I have two more homes to photograph on Thursday. The variety should make for a nice collection of architectural photos to show as samples. If you like these, send a link to your favorite Realtor!

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