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I was considering this a scouting trip. When I arrived at North Cascades National Park Visitors I explained to the Ranger what I was looking for, a mountain stream with flat water and maybe a water fall or rapids in the background. After some thought she came up with Bacon Creek as my best choice. It was a small creek with mountain peaks in the background, perfect for a photo shoot. She showed me where the dirt road was on the map. I thanked her and headed out.

The dirt road was littered with potholes so it was slow driving. I could see the creek to the right of the road but the access was limited by a steep embankment and thick brush. I found a viewpoint where I could see the mountains in the distance but there was a steep cliff and no way to get down to the stream. At that point, I turned the truck around and drove till I found a spot that was close to the creek and parked. I was just going have to hike in. After some walking back up the road, I found an access trail that was impossible to see from the truck. It led me to some flat shoreline that was beautiful but no view of the mountains. There was no way to make my way up stream to the mountain view but it was nice enough to set up a shoot and get used to the gear.

This was my first time wading into a cold mountain stream to fly fish and also my first time wearing modern sports waders. Modern waders are wonderful and who ever invented them should be remembered with a National Holiday. The water temps in these mountain streams are fiercely cold, even in the middle of August. So cold that when you dip your toe in the water for even a short time, the pain is unbearable. The currents can be quiet strong; for my first time out I played it safe and stayed close to the eddy.

The camera was setup on a tripod safe on the rocky shoreline for this shoot. I had a remote control in my hand to trigger the shutter with a 2 second delay. This worked well but I couldn’t get far enough away without loosing communication to the camera. In the future; I’m either going to need a newer battery for the remote – which I’m not going to find out here – or a wider lens.


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