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“You take a right just outside the gate. Go about a mile and then turn left onto a dirt road. That will take you Little Hyatt Lake. It’s a small lake but it’s full” These words were pure music as the Park Ranger spoke them. There was actually no decision involved on my part, I put the truck in drive and followed his directions and end up at Little Hyatt Lake – the prettiest little lake in the middle of no where.

I was able to back my Jeep right up to the water’s edge and found a shady spot under a large Oak tree. It was pure heaven and I had the whole lake to myself. There were only a few hikers passing through on the Pacific Crest Trail but otherwise not a another person on the lake. I had the forethought to bring along my food box and cooler so I was ready for a wonderful day at the lake.

After paddling the kayak around the lake for the first hour, I ate lunch and started reading about how to cast a fly rod. A fly fishing pole is very different than any fishing pole I’ve ever used. Because of the tapered design of the fishing line; the rod can be casted without anything attached to the end. The first half hour was an excersize in frustration as I was trying to control the line. The last thing I needed was a hook in the eye so I casted with a bare line. But after I got the hang of it I was able to accurately cast to targeted areas with ease. I still need to add some distance to my cast but that should come with practice.

I took this photo with the camera in my left hand and the fly rod in the right. It was impossible to see through the viewfinder so I just had to aim the camera and take a lot of photos. I would like to title this image “My First Cast” but in reality, this was about my hundredth cast. My intention was to capture a cast from beginning to end in a single still photo. The Reel came out amazing! It almost looks like a manufactures product photo – hint, share please!I


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  1. Dan Owen August 3, 2014

    I hope you're doing well, Terry. Looks nice.

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