In Position

Although I didn’t go fishing today; I took a fishing photo to help move along this project. This was shot in the late morning so the sun was already to far overhead to be flattering to the subjects. So it was essential to create a strong composition to make up for the ordinary light. I decided on a Black & White to really bring out the graphic elements. While I’m processing, I’m thinking of this image as I would my street photograph, with a definite separation between the darks and lights and a wide tonal

Compositionally speaking I’m balancing two very powerful compositional elements in this photo. One being Mt Hood in the background while the other being the fishing boat. The fishing boat is the major focal point and its position in the frame was no accident. I waited for the boat to be just in the right position before taking picture. I wanted the boat to counterbalance the mountain and I wanted the frame to read from left to right. I also wanted to capture the boat’s oars out of the water to give the boat an interesting silhouette. Overlapping people make for confusing silhouettes so it was important to clearly see the three fisherman individually. in the end, I not only waited for the boat to be in place in the frame, I also waited for the occupants be in position.


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