Portraits of Dezi

Posted on August 22, 2014


Portraits are really one of my favorite things to shoot. So having a little time in between trips, I was able to make some time to shoot Dezi’s head shots. Dezi is an aspiring actress and model in the Bay Area who I met through Model Mayhem. We’ve worked together 3 other times and it’s always a pleasure.

I normally would set up the continuos light, soft box with all of the power cords and whatnot but I wanted to work with my flash for this shoot. It’s so much more portable to use a flash and it’s been my major weakness on past shoots. I’ve always found that if you take on your weakest link and improve upon it, you end up with a much more diverse skill set. So this my way of tackling my biggest weakness, during an actual shoot. Nothing teaches you more than trying to get a great photo under pressure. Sure, I made some mistakes but I really feel I created some images that will help Dezi land some good paying gigs…fingers crossed!

These images still need a round of retouching but it will be a light touch. Connect with me if your or someone you know is in need of a portrait. I’ll be available in The Seattle area in mid September and then back in the Bay Area in the beginning of October.

Wading Through the Photos

Posted on August 20, 2014

I’m finally getting out from under a huge pile of photo processing from the last trip to Washington. Most people don’t realize the work that goes on after the capture. I never shoot in multi-frame mode on my camera and still come back from a photoshoot with hundreds, if not thousands, of images to wade through. Finding the gems in that heap is the challenge but it’s what professional photographers have to be able to recognize in order to be successfull.

I shot this selfie just after a self taught fly fishing lesson on Bacon Creek in the North Cascade National Park. It was a sunny day so the challenge was to find an area, not in direct sunlight, and pose for the camera. Photogs make horrible models!

I haven’t caught a fish yet but I’ll have another chance when I go to Pagosa Springs, CO next week to photograph an Elk hunt. Because of an early flight, we will have some time before the hunting season starts to get some fishing in.



Posted on August 13, 2014

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