Childhood Memories

Posted on October 24, 2014


I remember after school when all the other kids in my neighborhood were reading their comic books, I would be paging through the Life magazines that were stacked in my bedroom. I really feel those photos are now engrained in my subconscious mind so when I came across this image in my edit of the Jennifer Perlmutter shoot, it really reminded me of something I could have seen in one of those magazines. There’s something timeless about this image that makes it feel like it could have appeared in Life Magazine.

While I was shooting this I remember Jennifer was talking just before I captured this photo. I waited for her to finish while keeping my eye in the viewfinder and the lens pointed at her the whole time. Her gesture and gaze may have been the result of annoyance but the moment feels calm and reflective in the photo. There’s a stillness in her gesture that is intriguing and the seriousness in her eyes draws the viewers attention further into the image. The curl in her hair is a nice accent and give the image a little swagger.

When editing a group of images I’m always on the lookout for that diamond in the rough. I’m looking for that one image that didn’t jump out at me at first but is truly something special. I believe this is one of those diamonds. Although it was part of my final set of chosen images, I didn’t consider it to be among the best. But now that I’ve had some time since the original capture, I realize what a wonderful and unique image it is.

Fitness Shoots at Land’s End

Posted on October 20, 2014

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Architectural in Kennsington, CA

Posted on October 20, 2014


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