Above Water

Posted on January 24, 2014

I took this portrait of Alanha a couple of years ago at Rattle Snake Lake in North Bend, WA. We were doing a photoshoot for stock photography where I wanted some water shots. This one is still my favorite shots from that shoot.

SONY, SLT-A77V, SAL 35mm 1.8 SAM
1/320, f/9, ISO 100

Quickly from Instinct

Posted on January 16, 2014

This shot is looking down Bush Street in San Francisco’s financial district during rush hour. I set up to take this shot because I was interested in the view if a traffic jam from a higher vantage point. As I was moving around trying out different framing options, this man got out of his car and struck a pose, it completed the composition. I focused on him, centered him in the frame and captured an image as quickly as I could. I knew this moment wouldn’t last very long so I made all of my decisions quickly from instinct.

It’s these happy accidents that are the real joy of street photography for me and the reason I keep me coming back for more. These moments always seem to happen at the most unexpected times so it so important to practice everyday. It’s like being a musician, you need to practice everyday to get better.

SONY, SLT-A77V, 50mm F1.4 ZA SSM
1/8000, f/2, ISO 400

Light Change

Posted on January 13, 2014

I knew this was a keeper as soon as I snapped the shutter. A brief review popped up in the viewfinder and it confirmed those very thoughts. But I has to dismiss it quickly if I wanted another shot. I was tracking the rider down the street for more shots but this was the one.

I originally set up for this shot on the corner of New Montgomery and Market in downtown San Francisco. The corner has some great backlighting that I wanted to take advantage of. It always seems to take forever for someone interesting to enter your scene when your waiting so when this guy pulled up after just a few light changes I was stoked. The backlit plastic basket on his handlebars really caught my eye, it was just the thing that made this capture a little extraordinary. I took some static shots of him as he waited for the light to change but they were just not work for me. But when the guy stomped on the pedals and took off, it changed the entire scene dynamic.

I had the camera turned to portrait position as I was taking the static shots so when this guy took off from the light so quickly I didn’t have time to switch my orientation. A horizontal shot may have been a better format but I still like how the composition works here, it’s very unexpected. I like the graphic quality and the flattened perspective. The diagonal lines are very dynamic and match up well the stunning gesture. This will be a great addition to my City Bike Series.

SONY, ILCE-7, Canon FD 85mm f1.8
1/4000, f/4, ISO 100

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