Oregon Collage

Posted on August 5, 2014

I left Oregon today and headed north to my next destination. I took so many photos while I was here and although I can’t post or write about all of them, I put together this collage of some of my favorites to share with you all. Enjoy and as always, feel free to share with your friends. I really need to get as many eyes on my photos as possible.


In Position

Posted on August 5, 2014

Although I didn’t go fishing today; I took a fishing photo to help move along this project. This was shot in the late morning so the sun was already to far overhead to be flattering to the subjects. So it was essential to create a strong composition to make up for the ordinary light. I decided on a Black & White to really bring out the graphic elements. While I’m processing, I’m thinking of this image as I would my street photograph, with a definite separation between the darks and lights and a wide tonal

Compositionally speaking I’m balancing two very powerful compositional elements in this photo. One being Mt Hood in the background while the other being the fishing boat. The fishing boat is the major focal point and its position in the frame was no accident. I waited for the boat to be just in the right position before taking picture. I wanted the boat to counterbalance the mountain and I wanted the frame to read from left to right. I also wanted to capture the boat’s oars out of the water to give the boat an interesting silhouette. Overlapping people make for confusing silhouettes so it was important to clearly see the three fisherman individually. in the end, I not only waited for the boat to be in place in the frame, I also waited for the occupants be in position.


A Decade in the Waiting

Posted on August 5, 2014

Believe it or not, this image was ten years in the making. I first heard of Trillium Lake in Oregon from a snowboard friend who posted a summer trip report he took to the region. The lake famous for its reflection of the eternally snow capped volcano, Mt Hood. When I saw his posted image of the mountain reflecting in the lake, I put the lake on my photo bucket list. This morning I finally fulfilled that bucket list entry and captured the image I envisioned ten years earlier.

This was captured in the early morning, before anyone else was on the lake. There are no motor boats allowed on the lake but by 10:00 am the water gets so chopped up from a couple of other boaters, you loose the mirror reflection of the lakes surface and this capture would be impossible. As it was, I had to slowly paddle into position and sit motionless until the water settled. Any slight movement would create ripples so I had to hold the camera to my eye and wait until the ripples settled. When the reflection was right where I wanted it, I carefully snap the shutter without rocking the boat. There are still a couple of ripples in the reflection but I like how they add the the painterly quality of the image.

Just a quick word about process: This was taken with a Sony A7 with a Zeiss 35mm f2.8 lens. When I’m on a boat, the camera is protected by a pelican case strapped to the bow of the boat. When I ready to shoot I open the case and carefully get out the camera. My camera has built in wifi so I was able to download a lower resolution JPGs to my iPad and then develop in Lightroom Mobile. I wrote this entry in iWrite on my iPad and posted to the internet from a personal hotspot created by my phone. This was all possible from my campsite! I couldn’t have done this ten years ago, I’m so glad I waited?


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