I started the New Year off with a photo of a stranger. Michele and I were down in the Haight having a New Years breakfast and site seeing afterwards when this guy and his very young puppy caught my wife’s eye. She just had to say hi to the puppy and after a little discussion, I found that he really wanted some photos of his puppy Anupu. So I went to work and shot 20 photos in search of a quiet moment which is not so easy with a puppy.

The exposure was easy, he was already in an open shaded area so I used my electronic viewfinder to make sure his black clothes weren’t underexposed and just exposed to the right. I had to bring back the highlights a little in Lightroom but I didn’t loose anything from shooting this way. For the processing I tried to stay true to what I saw when I shot the picture. There’s a lot of black in this image so even though I exposed the the right, I still had to lighten up some of the shadows to keep the details from getting lost. I ended with a subtle vignette to draw the viewers eye in.

I really like the idea of shooting a portrait of a stranger at least once a week. I could never do a project like this every single day but maybe once a week is more reasonable and is enough of a challenge. I just need to remember to get a model release.

SONY, ILCE-7, Canon FD 85mm f1.8
1/60, f5.6, ISO 640

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