A Decade in the Waiting

Believe it or not, this image was ten years in the making. I first heard of Trillium Lake in Oregon from a snowboard friend who posted a summer trip report he took to the region. The lake famous for its reflection of the eternally snow capped volcano, Mt Hood. When I saw his posted image of the mountain reflecting in the lake, I put the lake on my photo bucket list. This morning I finally fulfilled that bucket list entry and captured the image I envisioned ten years earlier.

This was captured in the early morning, before anyone else was on the lake. There are no motor boats allowed on the lake but by 10:00 am the water gets so chopped up from a couple of other boaters, you loose the mirror reflection of the lakes surface and this capture would be impossible. As it was, I had to slowly paddle into position and sit motionless until the water settled. Any slight movement would create ripples so I had to hold the camera to my eye and wait until the ripples settled. When the reflection was right where I wanted it, I carefully snap the shutter without rocking the boat. There are still a couple of ripples in the reflection but I like how they add the the painterly quality of the image.

Just a quick word about process: This was taken with a Sony A7 with a Zeiss 35mm f2.8 lens. When I’m on a boat, the camera is protected by a pelican case strapped to the bow of the boat. When I ready to shoot I open the case and carefully get out the camera. My camera has built in wifi so I was able to download a lower resolution JPGs to my iPad and then develop in Lightroom Mobile. I wrote this entry in iWrite on my iPad and posted to the internet from a personal hotspot created by my phone. This was all possible from my campsite! I couldn’t have done this ten years ago, I’m so glad I waited?


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