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A Woman’s Gaze

Even with all of what going on around in the city, I find it amazing that people can have an inner calm about them. As I was waiting to cross the street, I noticed this woman gazing at the advertising billboard. I liked the stillness of her gesture and how…

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Chinatown Fabrics

Something I took in Chinatown awhile ago and just getting around to posting it. This has a cool hand colored feeling to it that I really like. You don’t see much hand coloring going on now days. I’m actually thinking of printing this in B&W and doing some for-real hand…

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Seafood Alley

Captured a couple of months ago in an alley across the street from where I worked. I was getting back to the office after my daily photo walk when I saw this guy from across the street. But I had to get closer to get the shot I wanted. So…

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